Glaucoma Treatment in Turkey

Your eye is a sphere filled with a fluid that helps nourish it and give it its spherical shape: the vitreous humor. This vitreous humor’s normal function is maintained by its continuous renewal and replacement, performed by the tissue of the eye. If more fluid is being produced than discharged through the draining channel of the eye, it builds up inside the eye and increases its internal pressure. This pathologic process may develop into what is termed as Glaucoma, gradually compressing and damaging the optic nerve, which narrows the visual field slowly from the outwards to the center (the reason most people don’t notice it).

Glaucoma might have a very silent nature that it can be problematic if left undetected for the disease to develop and cause irreversible optic nerve damage and therefore blindness, which is one reason you should yearly perform an eye checkup. A checkup can hint at the increase of high pressure in the eye and prompt further tests and measurements that may discover glaucoma before any serious damage occurs.

After the detection of glaucoma, if detected early enough, your ophthalmologist may opt to put you on one or several eye drop types and use laser therapy to temporarily aid the drops in treating your glaucoma, by either lowering the production or increasing the discharge of the vitreous humor.

If necessary, however, surgery might be the only choice left to prevent blindness for some people. Glaucoma surgery is called trabeculotomy. In trabeculotomy, the surgeon creates a tiny hole in the white of your eye, under your eyelid, through which the excess fluid in your eye(s) is drained and then you are back to your awesome life in no time.

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