Lens Implant

Lens Implant

Lens Implant in Turkey

The eye lens is a very important structure that focuses the light onto your retina for a sharp image to be formed. In some disorders (such as cataract), the normal function of the natural lens is disrupted.

Within the care of Tour for Cure professionals, multiple operations can be performed to renovate the congenital or age-related biological defects in your sight and help you get rid of those glasses. Tour for Cure presents to you many options and Intraocular Lens (IOL) choices that will make your nearsightedness, farsightedness, or presbyopia long-gone!

The type of IOL you choose needs to fit your eye disorder and your lifestyle. For example, you might want to fix the issues with far objects vision but keep wearing glasses for reading or examining things; therefore you will choose one of the monofocal IOLs. Or you might want to not have to wear any glasses; so you will go for the bifocal IOLs that contain two segments of which one is employed for far and the other for near vision. Moreover, you might want to have more control over distance-discrimination and thus want a third segment for intermediate distance vision, which can be achieved if you choose the trifocal IOLs.

More options exist for a variety of different eyesight issues: EDOF IOLs for increasing the depth of focus that is impaired in presbyopia, or TORIC IOLs for reducing postoperative astigmatism that is common after cataract surgery.

Choosing a poor quality lens is associated with a need to repeat the surgery after a short time, as low-quality IOLs fail quickly. But no worries, whichever IOL you will choose, Tour for Cure experienced doctors will be there to make sure that your choice is perfectly met with the highest quality standards, and with optimum care.

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