Facial Procedures

Facial Procedures

Aesthetic Facial Procedures in Turkey

Your face is your identity, and it ultimately defines you. It connects you with the world in a very personal and unique manner. The impressions you leave on other people throughout your day are almost wholly built on your face-to-face interactions. This alone may send shivers down the spines of some people who don’t like even a minor feature about their face. They are right to feel that way; research proves that the way your face looks is the memory you leave most, everywhere you go. But don’t you worry, the message your face broadcasts to the world is yours to shape as you wish. You can enhance and rejuvenate your face to realize your dreams by assuaging your age-related concerns or by erasing the effects of congenital defects or accidents.

The procedure itself is fairly specific, performed under local or general anesthesia, and takes anywhere between half an hour and six hours (depending on what needs to be done). The exact length of your procedure and any other inquiries you might have are all answered in the consultation you make with our professionals before the surgery. A consultation with Tour for Cure professionals will comprise history taking, examination and tests, and, of course, hearing your wishes and using them in a mixture with years of expertise: to design the new looking you.

Everything will be made following the natural contours and bends of your hairline, face, neck, and ears; so that you will not need to worry about your battle scars as they heal after the surgery. After the healing process is due, you can begin to fully observe the magnificent work on the smiling faces all around you within 2-3 months after the surgery.

With Tour for Cure professional plastic surgeons, you can highlight the features of your face and send a more confident message in all of your social and professional endeavors. We offer a variety of facial plastic surgery procedures: rhinoplasty, otoplasty, blepharoplasty, neck lift, eyebrow lift, facelift, and canthoplasty. Usually, multiple procedures are needed to get the optimal results.

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Your nose is not just a tube you breathe with; and all those deleted pictures are there to prove it. Having a nose that is proportional to the dimensions and the features of your face is an important aesthetic element, especially in profile views. A humped or hooked nose at the center of the face can ruin the harmonious symmetry of your facial features.

Rhinoplasty (literally “nose shaping”) is the surgical procedure by which the nose is reshaped and its dimensions are proportionally adapted to improve and highlight the features of your face while maintaining the necessary characteristics and functions of a healthy nose. It can be done for cosmetic or re-constructional reasons. With a splendid set of surgical skills, only our experts perform this procedure as the nose contains various tissue layers contained in a tiny space under a thin layer of skin.

The surgery can be performed in one of two techniques: the open and the closed. In the open technique, the surgeon incises the skin at the bridge of the nose to fold up the tip of your nose, shortening it as needed. On the other hand, the closed technique entails only operating on the inside of the nose. The closed technique needs the expert hands of our surgeons due to its precise nature and is generally more aesthetic. Nonetheless, the technique of your rhinoplasty will be decided by the surgeon as suits the nature of the modifications and the extent of tip refinement needed.


Your ears are not there for people to look at, but ears with structural deformities or obvious irregularities become a point of interest at the first glance.

Otoplasty is the procedure in which any aesthetic (or functional) negative effects of misshaped ears are surgically corrected by repositioning and reshaping the ears’ cartilage to fix protrusion, prominent appearance, or excessive enlargement of the ears and to get rid of the structural errors caused by trauma (or present at birth).

The procedure is perfectly safe; it can be performed on children starting from the age of five. Moreover, Tour for Cure skilled surgeons make the incisions at the back of the ear or with the natural bends at the front of the ear, making the healing process less apparent and allowing you a more confident life during the receding of the surgery wounds.


Eye contact is the first thing you do when you meet someone. Having drooping eyelids, saggy skin above your eyes, or bags under them are an immediate ruiner of the first impression you will leave on people. Moreover people who suffer from these drooping eyelids or saggy skin above the eyes look way older than their actual age. Tour for Cure is here to help get rid of all these undesired looks.

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty or eye lift) is a procedure used to correct the effects of aging or congenital malformations on your field of vision or the general aesthetics of your face. It can make your eyes look bigger and relieve you from their surrounding puffiness.

The blepharoplasty procedure in Turkey takes anywhere between half an hour and two hours (according to the extent of modification needed). 

Neck Lift

You can be satisfied with your upper area of the face, making you not require a full facelift, but seeking to restore the youth to your neck and jawline areas. We know neck issues are not as common as other issues, but they are there and we know your struggle. That is why Tour for Cure offer this aesthetic procedure called neck lift.

Neck Lift procedure in Turkey involves the reduction of fat, skin, or wrinkling in the general neck area, or the correction of jawline areas and double chins.

Eyebrow Lift

Communication is a key element in all human interactions. An essential part of how you communicate is how you react and display emotions with your face. The forehead is an important actor of your emotions, and therefore, everyone looks at it. Any aesthetic issues with your forehead can send a signal of a reduced dynamism.

Eyebrow lift, or forehead surgery, is the cosmetic remedy for such issues. It will help you achieve a rejuvenated look by raising your eyebrows (reducing saggy skin) and minimizing the frowning and wrinkly lines that naturally found their way to your forehead by age. A consultation with our professionals will comprise history taking, examination and tests, and, of course, hearing your wishes and using them in a mixture with years of expertise: to design the new looking you.

In less than two hours, Tour for Cure surgeons, with their magic wands of the newest technologies, will perform one of two procedures: the classic lift, or the endoscopic lift. In the former, an incision is made around the hairline to raise the brow without affecting the height of the hairline (advised for clients with high foreheads). While in the latter method, smaller incisions are made in the hairline area to carefully craft the tissue and leave fewer scars (with a shorter period for recovery as well).


Aging is frustrating you, but the idea of a facelift surgery seems like too much? We have the solution for you: Canthoplasty, or cat eye surgery. Canthoplasty can give your skin back its youth and make it firm. It is also gaining popularity at younger ages, as it can give you a more mysterious and sexy look. The principle is fairly simple: to lift the lateral canthus of your eye up and pull it back to give your eyes the shape of a cat’s eyes.

We can accomplish this together by a non-surgical intervention that is gaining immense popularity among various age groups: the thread lifting. In thread lifting, a technique used in cardiology for many years is innovatively adopted in plastic surgery: biodegradable threads are used to give your skin a head start on reshaping itself. This entails the insertion of the threads into your skin and using them to pull your eyes and eyebrows into a cat’s eyes’ shape. Over time, your body degrades the threads and replaces them with collagen (a protein your skin uses to create long-lasting structures), giving you the benefits of cosmetic surgery with reduced-to-minimal risk of overcorrections or scarring (as this is a non-surgical intervention).

Rhytidectomy - Facelift

Aging can be devastating, and its effects on the skin can be a false indicator for losing your youth and your vigour. However, we know that you can still hack it. Therefore, we offer you: the facelift. Facelift surgery, or rhytidectomy, is the solution for those wrinkles and that saggy skin. It can be combined with other facial cosmetic surgeries (eyelid surgery or brow lifts) to obtain the most effective revitalization of your face.

If you are anywhere between 40s and 70s, you are in the age most people who do facelifts are in. It all starts with a simple call and a consultation with our surgeons to determine your surgical plan according to your desires. Then, during the 2-6-hour surgery, your dreams will come true through the removal of excess skin and the repositioning of the fat and muscles of your face. All done by some precise incisions at your temples or around your ear (some might be made under your chin if the desired outcome needs the methods neck lift includes to be combined with the classic facelift).

Everything will be made following the natural contours of your hairline, face, neck, and ears; so that you will not need to worry about your battle scars as they heal after the surgery. After the healing process is due, you can begin to fully observe the magnificent work on the smiling faces all around you within 2-3 months after the surgery.

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