Breast Procedures

Breast Procedures

Aesthetic Breast Surgeries in Turkey

Your sexual identity as a female is one of the significant requisites of a happy life. It predicates your feminine and maternal aspects. Research has shown that upright and conical breasts are paramount elements of a positive female personal body image. Therefore, making you satisfied with the shape of your breasts and your general body image is our priority at Tour for Cure.

Ideal breasts have a teardrop shape and are proportionate to the dimensions of your body. Breast surgery in Turkey is an art our surgeons perfected over years of practice and satisfied feedback. These aesthetic procedures ensure the transformation and enhancement of the symmetry, size, and shape of your breasts to suit your wishes. 

The surgeons will take from two to five hours to make the magic work, time being dependent on the extent and the specifics of the desired outcome. The process is simple but needs careful consideration for the instructions given by Tour for Cure experts prior to and after the surgery. The surgeon will ask you to make some tests and a mammogram, and to abstain from certain types of medications that can undermine the safety of the surgery.

After the surgery, you will be given instructions for optimum healing and care for your newly modified breasts, and to prevent infection and contamination of the incision wound. These instructions will include a plan for the first few days after the surgery and will devise a follow-up strategy to get the most favorable results out of it. The wound typically closes in a few days and you can return to your normal life within a week or two.

All of the breast surgeries are done under local anesthesia in a perfectly safe setup. The type and specifics of the surgery that is right for you are assessed by Tour for Cure professional doctors and one is chosen for your body needs and your personal desires. A combination of procedures may be the most suitable for obtaining the best results. Contact Tour for Cure for free consultation and get the best breast surgery in Turkey.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the most desired breast cosmetic surgery worldwide. It is the surgery of choice to increase breast size or eliminate asymmetry between breasts using either implants or fat transferred from other body parts.

Most people opt to use implants due to the relatively easier procedure (as implants do not need a procedure in another location to get from it the fat to be transplanted).

Implants are generally classified into two types. They both comprise silicone shells, but what differentiates them is what is inside that shell, namely sterile saline/saltwater or silicone gel. Each has their advantages and disadvantages: saline implants are safer but feel less natural than silicone-filled implants, while the latter feel more natural but entail a bigger risk if ruptured inside the body.

Other classifications of implants are based on the aesthetics. For example, the shape (teardrop or round), the texture (smooth or textured), and the profile (high, moderate, or low). The surgeon normally decides what will be the best option for your body dimensions and, of course, your desires.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is the cosmetic procedure of choice for relieving the back and neck pain associated with breasts being larger than the optimal ratio to other body dimensions. It can also be used for aesthetic purposes, as oversized breasts can make you look unfit.

The process involves the removal of extra fat tissue and other excess tissue material (e.g. skin) from the breast to be reduced in size.

Most people may only need liposuction (fat removal from under the skin by suction) to obtain the desired results, while others may need further modifications in the surrounding tissue and skin. 

Tour for Cure experienced surgeons in Turkey will decide what will be the best course of operation for your body dimensions and of course your desires to achieve best results.

Breast Lift

Aging affects all of your body, especially your skin, which loses its elasticity and liveliness as a part of the normal aging process. This, however, negatively affects the breasts’ appearance and is shown to reduce self-confidence and cause stress to many women. Other factors, such as pregnancy or massive weight loss, can also cause several other undesirable characteristics, such as breast sagging.

Breast augmentation or breast reduction are not the solution to saggy breasts or aging skin. However, thanks to years of expertise, you can get a breast lift and regain the pride you had in your body. The breast lift procedure is the most efficient surgery to restore your youth and make your dreams of a natural, healthy-looking bosom come alive.

Furthermore, you can have breast lift as a standalone procedure or combine it with augmentation or reduction as needed for a perfect final product.

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