Body Procedures

Body Procedures

Aesthetic Body Procedures in Turkey

You need to be comfortable in your own body to be comfortable in any external environment. Having a harmonious body can ultimately improve your self-confidence, heighten your mental health, give you more opportunities, and provide you with motivation to stay physically healthy.

At Tour for Cure, we offer you a wide selection of body cosmetic surgeries that can make you more at ease and rested in your own body. Body cosmetic surgery can take anywhere from one to five hours, according to the number of procedures and the extent of modifications needed in each one (more than one can be combined for optimal results).

Before the procedure, our experts will meet with you to hear your wishes. The surgeon will ask you to take some tests and will help you design the expected outcome of the surgery to meet your expectations. And as we do in all of our services, we will give you a list of instructions for before and after the surgery to make sure you have the most out of your experience with us.


A great way to influence how your body looks is by the modification of the fat distributions and depositions in distinct areas of your body to adjust its proportions and dimensions as suits you. Exercise and diet may sometimes face resistant fat pads that don’t go away. Liposuction operation in Turkey offers you the way most people get the slim look of an athletic body and actualize the exercise and dieting gains. The procedure involves the creation of small incisions by which the excess fat is drained by suction.

The tumescent liposuction is the default procedure. It involves the injection of a sterile solution to numb the fat pad for a cannula to mechanically mobilize the fat and make it easy to remove it with vacuum aspiration.

Over the years, revolutionary enhancements have been made on the traditional liposuction. One of those modifications is the laser liposuction, in which laser beams can be used for heating and liquefying the fat pads before vacuum suction to create a more efficient process. Another development on the traditional liposuction is the Vaser liposuction, in which ultrasound waves are used to liquefy the fat before suction, in lieu of the cannula or the laser. This technique has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years as it combines the efficiency of the laser liposuction with the safety of ultrasound waves (they don’t hold a risk of harm to the tissue and the nerves around the fat pads). It has another advantage that it sculpts the shape of the underlying muscles on the skin and therefore models the body while removing the excess fat.

Thigh Lift

Massive weight loss is a battle, and every battle leaves casualties. This battle’s casualty is often the skin of your thighs. Your skin may become saggy and cause you to become less confident. That and many other factors, like aging, can motivate people to get a thigh lift.

During Thigh Lift procedure in Turkey, Tour for Cure surgeons will enhance the appearance of your thighs by removing excess or saggy skin and fat, and by reshaping the layering of the tissues of the thighs using liposuction or other modifications. a lot of people opt to have liposuction on the thigh before starting the thigh lift process.

This simple aesthetic thigh procedure can provide you with a toned appearance, youthful skin look, and can enhance your overall shape and health. 

As long as you maintain your general state of health and avoid weight fluctuations, the results of Thigh lift procedure can last 20 years or more.

Tummy Tuck

Exercise can be insufficient to obtain the shape you desire, and weight fluctuations can cause unwanted changes to your skin and fat distributions. Laxity, stretch marks, pregnancy marks, and excessive fat deposition on the abdomen are all matters of the past.

Nowadays, models are not the only people who can have a flat and firm abdomen. Thanks to abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, you can now have the body of your dreams.

During abdominoplasty procedure in Turkey, Tour for Cure surgeons remove excess fat and skin through an incision above the pubic hairline or around the navel. The abdominal muscles are also tightened and any issues with the navel are restored. The results of this simple Tummy Tuck procedure is beyond imagination.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The ideal buttocks are deliberated to be round, plump, and firm, providing a harmonious shape that fits with the general appearance of the body and contributes to the creation of a confident self-perception. If this is not how you see yourself, and you would like to improve your feeling about yourself, the Brazilian butt lift is your answer.

In the hands of Tour for Cure experts during Butt Lift procedure in Turkey, any unevenness or sagging can be eliminated by liposuction and removal of excess skin so that your bottom can be aesthetically pleasing again.

Moreover, you can have your buttocks augmented to give you a more youthful appearance using either fat from other parts of your body or using the butt implants that are gaining an increasing demand over the past few years. 

Exercise doesn’t always eliminate the unequal fat distributions or the skin sagging that follows weight loss, and the buttocks lose their slim appearance and curvature with age. But these problems can be easily restored in a journey that starts with a free consultation with Tour for Cure experienced aesthetic surgeons.


Positive body image is one of our trademarks at Tour for Cure. A huge factor of your body image and your confidence is how your skin looks.

If you have excess sagging in your arms or unequal fat distribution in the upper arm area, brachioplasty (upper arm lift) is the solution for your anxiety and a great motivator to maintain your physical health.

In Brachioplasty procedure in Turkey, incisions are made on the back or the inside of your arm through which excess fat is removed by liposuction or excision, giving you a more slim and toned appearance.


Gynecomastia is a condition that causes excessively large breasts in men and involves many hormonal, genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

What causes gynecomastia?

One speaks of gynecomastia when the mammary gland tissue grows in a man. The additional tissue is usually benign but may indicate breast cancer, especially in older men. In some men, gynecomastia already occurs during puberty.

At Tour for Cure high-tech clinics in Turkey, our professionals will develop for you a treatment plan and perform gynecomastia surgery with the highest standards.

During the procedure, the surgeons create incisions through which liposuction is performed and excess skin is excised. Whatever the cause may be, you can now gain back your masculine appearance and improve the contours of your body with no risk at all.

Six-Pack Operation

Having a well-defined six-pack may be the dream of many. However, not everyone has the genetic makeup, the time, or the metabolism that factor into the actualization of that dream.

Over the years, cosmetic surgery has proved to be the way to make your wishes a reality, regardless of the anatomical alignment of your abdominal muscle (as this procedure depends on the fat distribution).

The procedure is fairly simple and it combines years of expertise in cosmetic surgery with the vaser liposuction technique (explained above) to not only remove the excess fat from the abdominal area but also to pinpoint the muscular build underneath the skin.

This ensures that the tendons separating the muscle bundles of your abdomen are adequately highlighted, giving you the six-pack you desire.

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