Aesthetic Procedures

Aesthetic Procedures

Aesthetic Procedures in Turkey

Aesthetics are an essential factor in all human interactions. Having an appearance that you are confident in displaying is our priority. Tour for Cure offers several options to highlight your most valued characteristics and help you show your confidence. All you have to do is to call us for a consultation in which our expert professionals will help you make an aesthetic map to get rid of any elements that may affect your look in a way that makes you uncomfortable.

Tour for cure will help you devise a treatment plan and find the best solutions for whatever is troubling you. Not only that, we will also provide you with the pro tips for before and after treatment and stand beside you throughout the entire process. Tour for Cure aesthetic treatments in Turkey include Botox, collagen injection, vampire lift, wrinkle treatment, hyperhidrosis, skin tag removal, wart removal, fat transfer, acne scar treatment, and fat freezing.

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When skin ages normally, it forms wrinkles and lines associated with losing the elasticity of the skin. Wrinkles indicate aging and may falsely signal losing the vigour of youth and negatively impact the aesthetics of your face.

These effects may affect your interactions with people and send the wrong signal that you begin to seek cosmetic intervention to assuage them, but not everyone is ready to have a facial plastic surgery.

Nonetheless, a solution is readily available in a one-sitting, non-surgical intervention: botulinum type A protein, or simply Botox, a procedure that gained a lot of popularity in all age groups. The whole procedure in Turkey takes just a few minutes with no pain at all (as a local anesthetic is applied to the area where the injection is to be made).

Botox works efficiently because it blocks the connection between the muscles of the face that wrinkle the skin and the nerves supplying them. This causes the muscles to relax and thus eliminates the wrinkles entirely and for several months (until a substantial portion of the protein is broken down by the body), after which the process can be repeated again to keep the smooth look.

Collagen Injections

Collagen is the main structural protein found in the body. It helps maintain the skin’s elasticity and gives it the natural tone and flexibility. When we age, the body’s production of collagen is reduced, thus decreasing the elasticity of the skin and forming wrinkles.

One way to get rid of these wrinkles and regain the youth of your skin is by injecting collagen directly to the areas affected by the inelasticity common with age. These injections increase collagen availability to the skin by keeping its concentration high enough to meet the needs of the tissues, even when it is no longer produced in enough amounts by the body itself.

More people are opting for collagen injections in Turkey as a substitute for Botox injections as the collagen treatment does not need anesthesia nor can trigger an allergic reaction, as collagen is a natural substance that the body makes continuously from birth.

Vampire Lift

The secret of eternal youth for vampires is that they stay young because of the blood they drink. You may have to use blood to regain your youth as well. But don’t worry, it will not be other people’s blood, and you will not drink it. Joking aside. Plasma is the liquid that remains after your blood is centrifuged at high speeds. Cosmetic face procedures were galvanized by the finding that if you use the person’s own blood plasma as an injection to a site with wrinkles, it will stimulate cell growth and thus collagen production (the protein that gives the skin its elasticity; see above).

Tada: your youth is back, using the most natural remedy that modern medicine could think of. This procedure is the safest, as it doesn’t introduce any foreign substance to your body, but helps your skin regain its health and youth from within.

The type of injection you will have (be it Botox, collagen, plasma, or any other substance) will entirely depend on the extent of modification needed and will be decided by Tour for Cure expert dermatologists and plastic surgeons during the consultation. So, don’t hesitate and call us now to tell us your wishes!

Lip Fillers

Ideal lips are not just the talk of poets anymore. An ideal lip draws the attention secondary to the eyes as the lips lie in the horizontal center of the face. Full lips flood the conversations with sympathy and imply a healthy build. Sadly though, as a part of the normal aging process, lips lose their volume and become less and less attractive.

Lip filling is a treatment that has been gaining a lot of advocates over the years, being sought more and more by all age groups. This happened as this procedure revolutionized facial cosmetics by providing an easy-to-perform solution that recreates the natural contours of the lips.

The 20-min procedure is done by Tour for Cure experts in Turkey with local anesthesia in one of two methods: either by injecting hyaluronic acid into the lips or by getting fat from other body parts and injecting it into the lips. The latter procedure lasts more than the former and is considered long-term, while the former is less invasive and lasts for six to eight months.


Our bodies use sweating to get rid of excess heat in hot weather. Part of our nervous systems that we cannot voluntarily control its activity, namely the autonomic sympathetic nervous system, acts to dissipate the increased body heat. Body heat increases due to increased muscle activity during exercise, exertion, and during what you probably know as the fight-or-flight response (when you face danger or when you are in a stressful situation).

Some people have what is known as hyperhidrosis―that is hyperactivity of the sweat glands, which makes them excessively sweaty. This could be secondary to some other disorders (treated by treating the disorders), or less commonly, it may be primary in nature (with no specific cause).

Primary Hyperhidrosis can be treated with a variety of methods, but its effects can be eliminated by surgery only. The surgery is performed by the removal of the subcutaneous fat tissue of the armpits with a cannula along with the sweat glands in it. The sweat glands can also be removed by liquefying the fat tissue that contains them with laser beams and then sucking it out along with the sweat glands.

Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are the soft and smooth outgrowths that may have the color of the skin or a darker brown color. They can disturb the overall smooth and toned look of the areas where they appear. Skin tags are usually removed for aesthetic reasons or medical ones, as they can develop into skin cancer (the reason they should be examined regularly).

Skin tags can be removed in two ways, the first being excision (cutting out the affected skin area), and the second being laser removal (more efficient and wholly painless).

Having your skin tags removed at Tour for Cure clinics in about half an hour will not only improve the appearance of your skin, but will also minimize your probabilities of skin cancer.

Wart Removal

At some point of your life, you probably encountered a small rough lump that has grown on your skin. They usually go away on their own, but that may take months or even years to happen. These are warts, and certain types of them may be extremely painful because of their infection with HPV, a member of the Papillomaviruses family.

That and the unsightly aesthetic problem warts introduce are always the reason people seek their surgical removal.

The wart removal procedure in Turkey takes just a few minutes and absolves you of whatever pain and itching warts may cause, along with adding a certain enhancement of the affected area’s appearance, of course.

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is the process of removing the client’s own fat tissue from an area and injecting it in another to improve the contours and the general shape of the body. It is always exemplified as hitting two birds with one stone. This is because the fat is usually taken from an area that needs liposuction, because of excess fat pads, and injected to an area that needs augmentation, contributing to the planned creation of a harmonious body.

Fat transfer is that much effective because the durability is gigantically enhanced when the client is injected with his or her own tissue instead of other biomaterials that the body degrades quickly.

This technique can be used in breast and buttocks augmentation, lip filling, and many other procedures. The results surpass the efficiency of other injections because of the enhanced durability and survival of the injected tissue (which grows as part of the surrounding tissue later on).

Acne Scar Treatment

Acne is every adolescent nightmare. It often causes social exclusion and is a dominant source of psychological stress in almost every social setting. Even worse, acne can leave horrible scars and produce ugly skin lesions that last for years.

These little imperfections of nature often prompt people to cover it with makeup, thus cutting it from the air and giving it a chance to develop even rougher. The treatment is often simple and effective in the care of our dermatologists.

The underlying cause of acne is the clogging of the skin’s fat channels, providing a perfect environment for bacterial growth and therefore for the development of nasty infections.

The treatment focuses mainly on stopping the clogging of the fat channels with creams and medications, then removing the scars acne has created by lasers or dermabrasion (scrapping of the outer layers of the skin after local anesthesia). The goal of the treatment is to restore the smoothness of the skin and its harmony.

Fat freezing

Persistent and gym-resistant fat pads are one of the most stressors and negative body image causes in all age groups and populations.

These Fat pads can be removed in Turkey by liposuction or cryolipolysis, a new player in the game of enhancing the shape of the body and the distribution of fats.

Cryolipolysis presents a cold, non-surgical alternative to liposuction. It uses freezing to kill off the fat cells in the affected area, which do not regenerate and are removed by the body to create a youthful and fresh shape.

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