Medical Check-Up

Medical Check-Up FAQ

What should I pay attention to when coming to Medical Check-Up?

  • Bring previous test and other examination results with you.
  • You must be hungry for 12 hours before coming to check up. (It is recommended not to drink even water)
  • For tests that require physical activity, choose comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Menstruation period for women is not suitable for check-up.
  • You should not use any vitamin, iron or mineral supplements, please specify if you are. (These include herbal vitamin supplements) • Do not consume alcohol three days before.
  • Postpone your check-up appointment if you have a sore throat, have a fever, or use antibiotics.

Which diseases are detected?

Health screening performed once a year can be life-saving, especially for people with genetic predisposition. Thanks to check-up, many diseases that may occur in the future such as heart disease, cancer, COPD, kidney failure, diabetes and liver failure can be prevented.

How is Medical Check-up Performed?

For check-up, you first should make an appointment for desired check-up. Your check-up doctor will ask you questions about medications you take and your past history of diseases. Accordingly, scope of check-up is determined and the doctor informs the patient about drugs that should be used or stopped, if any, before the check-up visit. Patients should stop eating and drinking for a certain period of time (8 to 10 hours) before presenting for check-up; when the medical center is visited, blood and urine samples are collected along with electrocardiogram (ECG) and radiology studies, such as chest X-ray and abdominal ultrasound. Age- and gender-specific tests can also be ordered, such as mammography and PSA test. Endoscopic examinations can be planned for patients older than 50.

How long does Medical Check-up take?

Duration of check-up may vary according to content of panel. Your results are reported on the same day of examinations and/or following days depending on the items included in the panel.

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