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Voice Change Surgery in Turkey

Many people get concerned about having a tone of voice incompatible with their previous voice pitch, their gender, or their physical characteristics. And they may be: out of all the features of your body, your voice stands out as the most important modality you operationalize to communicate in every situation. You can use it to sing amazing songs, to comfort a friend in a time of need, or to simply order takeout. It is such a treasure, a gift. That is also why Tour for Cure treats such a gift with great care offering the best voice clinics to get your voice surgery in Turkey.

The human voice is produced as our lungs push air up through the trachea (the windpipe) to the larynx (the voice box). The larynx is formed of a system of cartilages, muscles, ligaments, and mucous membranes who all serve to control the vocal cords. The larynx does that by extending and flexing the vocal cords to produce rhythmic oscillations by which it controls the air flow and produces sound waves—your beautiful voice, that is.

When your vocal cords are tuned up, or tightened, much like a guitar, your voice pitch is elevated; and when they are relaxed, it is decreased. This normally happens when you try to change your pitch while singing, for example. However, sometimes the physiological range of your voice pitch is affected by structural disorders, like neck trauma and vocal fold nodules; disorders of the nerves interacting with your larynx; or functional disorders like vocal fatigue and vocal muscle tension. Oftentimes as well, people may find that the fundamental pitch of their voice is not compatible with their self-perception or gender preference, which could cause severe discomfort and stress.

Voice surgery in Turkey tweaks your voice production to suit your wishes

Has your voice been getting deeper because of smoking? Do you want to get rid of the discomfort caused by that high-pitched voice? Always dreamed of having an executive or a presenter’s voice?

It’s not possible yet to acquire someone else’s voice, but Tour for Cure Otolaryngology (ENT)—Head and Neck Surgery Specialists deal with this kind of problem through a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive voice surgeries in Turkey: voice deepening surgery or voice masculinization surgery, aiming to increase the depth of your voice; or voice feminization surgery, adding a high-pitched quality to it. This alleviates your discomfort about your voice while maintaining the highest standards and putting your wishes first in every step.

Tour for Cure will help you find the harmony in your unique voice by fine-tuning it to satisfy all of your wishes. And don’t you worry, the voice change surgery’s effect on your singing is going to be amazing.

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