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Living with cancer is a devastating daily battle that some of us have to fight. Tour for Cure are here to tell you that you are not alone in this battle, and to increase your chances of survival with the care you need.

The principal focus of Turkish medical tourism is cancer and its related services (4 out of 10 medical tourists to Turkey are here because of cancer).

This prompted huge developments in the diagnosis and care for cancer and led to a medical revolution in the technologies and expertise needed in cancer care.

Tour for Cure offers you the care you need with the highest standards and the most advanced technologies in the world.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a term given to a collection of diseases that impair the normal function of the body. The common between all types of cancer is that some of the body’s cells begin to divide haphazardly and metastasize (i.e. spread to other body parts). All of your cells divide to maintain the normal physiology of your body, but the problem starts when some cells don’t die when they become nonfunctional or when new cells form where they are not needed.

These cells are normally killed by your immune system to avoid further problems. However, when these cells escape from the immune system, in most of the cases, they form growths that are known as tumors. Some other cancers don’t form growths but have a more widespread effect (e.g. leukemia). Tumors can be benign: don’t spread to other tissues. Others can transform into malignancies: the invasion of nearby tissues or the detachment of the cancer cells from their place of origin to travel to other tissues and divide there.

Cancer Diagnosis and Care

The diagnosis of cancer and the specification of its type are very precise tasks that need a lot of experience and a significant amount of knowledge.

About 30% of people with cancer come to us with false diagnoses by the doctors in their countries, because of the lack of modern equipment or expertise. Nonetheless, using the latest equipment in the world, Tour for Cure expert oncologists with their extensive knowledge and decades of training, solve this hard task of confirming the diagnosis and following the subsequent protocols, seamlessly.

Another important factor in the chain of cancer care is following a multidisciplinary approach, integrating many medical fields and using more skilled hands in a combination of medical fields and expertise to favor the outcomes of cancer care and achieve the high standards we take pride in reaching.

Types of Cancer Treatments

Cancer treatment generally falls into one of three categories: Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, and Surgical Oncology. Tour for Cure oncologists will decide which type (or mixture) of treatments is right for your case and follow up with you accordingly.

The factors that determine which type of treatment you will receive varies according to your health specifications, the type of cancer being treated, its tissue of origin, and the organs it affects (i.e. the degree of spread; if metastasis happened). No matter which treatment you will receive, Tour for Cure doctors will provide you with care and monitoring throughout the entirety of the process.

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