Infertility Treatment in Turkey

Having the chance to literally make another human being is one of life’s blessings. You not only get the chance to find true, unconditional happiness as you watch them grow to fully capable and successful adults, but you also get to offer another human being the opportunities you did not have and give them love and care.

Having a baby is a step that most families take to satisfy their parental instincts and complete their life. Unfortunately, infertility, the inability of a couple to conceive regardless of trying, is a serious problem that impacts the life of 1 in 7 couples for a variety of reasons.

Some of infertility reasons might be maternal: having blocked fallopian tubes or having uterine tissue in other areas (endometriosis), and others may be paternal: having a decreased survival of sperm or having a reduced semen quality. Other causes include using certain medications, making lifestyle choices that impact the hormonal cycles, having intercourse issues, and many other factors.

During the consultation, Tour for Cure specialists will take a detailed history of your family, will assess both of you using the latest tests and analyses for fertility, and will diagnose and calculate your chances of conceiving. We will discuss with you the options and keep you informed throughout the entire process. It is Tour for Cure duty to help you realize your dreams of a happy, complete family.

The treatments of infertility in Turkey vary according to the chances of conceiving and the underlying cause of the problem. Medications, surgery, intrauterine insemination (inserting the sperm into the womb with a plastic tube passed through the cervix), surrogacy, and sperm or egg donations are all effective for different causes of infertility. However, if the underlying cause is not clear, as with 1 in every 4 infertile couples, the only chance of conceiving might be with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).


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