Eye Surgery

Eye Surgery in Turkey

Your eyes are your window on the world. You use them to perform many activities, from playing sports to interacting with your beloved ones. While using your eyes to enjoy the sightseeing and culture of the beautiful Turkey, why don’t you come visit one of our wonderful ophthalmologists and perform all you need from a regular check up to an eye surgery?

Tour for Cure provides you a complete list of ophthalmology services by the best practitioners and the highest technology modern science can supply. Tour for Cure can deal with anything standing between you and living your life to the fullest, from childhood-onset diseases to advanced eye disorders.

The first step is to have an eye checkup by one of our ophthalmologists. Having your eyes regularly checked is an extremely important step in keeping your life healthy; as this simple checkup gives ophthalmologists a chance for early detection and treatment of several eye disorders. Not only that, but a comprehensive general eye examination can be very helpful in diagnosing the markers of several other disorders, such as diabetes or brain tumors.

Lastly, Tour for Cure offers world-class international standards in laser eye surgery (PRK/Lasek and LASIK), lens implantation, cataract surgery, vitrectomy, corneal transplantation, and strabismus surgery—you name it! Contact us today for a consultation and enjoy the best care around.


Eye Surgery Services

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