Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology in Turkey

Our medical oncology services specialize in the treatment and care of cancer patients with the use of drugs.

They also involve the diagnosis and screening of cancer through enlisting the expertise of other medical domains, such as radiology and internal medicine.

Tour for Cure medical oncologists do their superb work through several famous techniques: chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, target-driven biological therapy.


is the use of drugs to relieve the symptoms of cancer or cure it entirely. It does that by directly killing cancer cells or stopping their ability to multiply as it circulates in the blood till it reaches the cancerous cells.


is the treatment in which the oncologists boost the immune system to use its natural defenses against cancer. This is done by increasing the blood concentrations of the substances that the immune system normally uses to identify and destroy cancer cells.

Hormone Therapy

avails that some cancers’ growth is affected by hormones due to the nature of the tissues they originate from, such as the prostate or the breast cancers. Our oncologists use the sensitivity of those cancers to hormones against them, slowing down their growth or completely stopping it.

Target-driven Biological Therapy

is a relatively new innovation that uses biological agents to target specific genes and proteins that affect the survival of cancer cells. Those agents change the environment of the tissue surrounding the cancer cells to impede their ability to grow, and thus eliminates them from within. This is a highly precise treatment that is individually tailored for each patient.


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