Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings Turkey

Most people go to the dentist for a filling and come out fearing to smile because of the standard shiny grey amalgam in their mouths. Our dentists use the highest quality white composite to fill in the cavities or the broken areas of your teeth, supplied from the dental gurus of the modern world.

Tour for Cure dentistry clinics have more than 30 shades and ensure that the composite material used is the same color as your natural tooth. In most cases, nobody (including you) will notice the difference in color between the white composite filling and the surrounding tooth. If you want an overall brighter, whiter smile, dentists can also professionally whiten your teeth before choosing the most suitable shade for your white composite fillings.

USED FOR Fillings are the traditional and most reliable solution for extensively broken, cavitated, or chipped teeth.


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