Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery in Turkey

Your eyes are normally clear to allow the light to pass through the lens and onto the retina to achieve vision. However, as we get older, the lens proteins can coagulate and cloud the eye in about 90% of the people. This clouding is called cataract and it can have no effect in the beginning. Later on, nonetheless, it can develop and make seeing harder and harder. Cataract can also occur to newborns (as in congenital cataract), to people with diabetes, and in a variety of other conditions.

Cataract is treated by a microscopic surgical procedure called Phacoemulsification. Before surgery, you will be asked to follow certain instructions and to choose a type of artificial intraocular lens to replace your clouded natural one with. Your choice will be prepared and so will you for the quickest and most efficient eye surgery ever.

This preparation is usually the application of anesthetic eye drops or injection to numb the eye. Then, the procedure can commence as a handy surgeon uses ultrasonic waves to emulsify the clouded natural lens and then aspirates that emulsion from the eye. After, the surgeon recompensates the aspirated fluids with a balanced salt solution to adjust your eye pressure and then replaces the old lens with the artificial lens of your choice.

After the surgery, as the operation is carried out microscopically, you will not need any stitches and you can go back to your life in no time. The only thing you will need to do is to use eye drops and keep your eyes away from water for the first five days after the surgery.

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